What We Do

AC International is a diverse portfolio development company. It provides a variety of services and opportunities for investors who have interests in real estate, technology, business investments, entertainment and meda production.

We endeavor to achieve excellence and distinction by nurturing the creative process within which our company and people operate. Our unique combination of artistic projects together with our scientific and business enterprises expresses the very eclectic nature of W.A.C. International.


Real Estate

W.A.C. Construction and Development ventures in the US and Canada includes condominiums, apartment complexes, office buildings, retail outlets and hotels. The company has received praises from numerous clients for it’s professionalism, creative designs, architecture and beautiful landscaping.

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International Business

We deal in all commercial transactions (private and governmental, sales, investments, logistics, and transportation) that take place between regions, countries and nations beyond their political boundaries.



Skytech System Framework is designed around the innovative proprietary technology of electromagnetic coil technology. This technology is currently being tested for as an early choice for the U.S. Navy carrier launch catapult systems, both designed by Skytech’s Chief Engineer, George Scelzo.


Arts & Entertainment

W.A.C. International has a long history of arts and entertainment promotions. Conrad Wagner has promoted small to large scale events and tours for some of the major entertainers of today , as well as other legends in the industry.

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Main Office:
7901 Kingspointe Parkway Suite 8,
Orlando,FL 32819

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